What Are The Types of Boxes Used For Cigarette Packaging?

Tobacco boxes have a rich history. Whether they were used for carrying cigarettes or other items, they have been used for centuries. In fact, there are more than 2,000 different kinds of tobacco boxes that have been identified. In this article, we will look at some of them, as well as the history of them. There are also many other types of boxes that you can purchase online. To find the perfect box for your collection, simply use the search feature on 1stDibs.

Tobacco packaging boxes were made to be used for tobacco, but they also became a fashion accessory and status symbol. In Dutch art, tobacco boxes are often depicted as vanitas, allegories of transience. Some pieces of antique tobacco boxes feature scenes of saints and historical figures. Several of these are listed below. These items are the perfect way to add some character to your wardrobe. The following are just a few examples of beautiful and rare tobacco boxes.

Tobacco packaging in Dutch museums often feature scenes from the New Testament. The Apostles are represented in acanthus leaf motif, and the lid and base are adorned with scenes of his life. The medallions depicting his life are from the Book of Judges. They are framed by symmetrical acanthus and putti figures. The acanthus and putti design of the tobacco box is particularly appealing.

Another example of a popular style of tobacco box is a brass or copper tobacco box with the 12 apostles on the lid or the base. They bear their characteristic attributes, including the name of the apostle and the name of the saint. The Angelic representation of Matthew the Apostle is canonical, and attests to Matthew’s status as the first author of the gospel. In the same way, the inverted cross and keys depicted on a tobacco box are traditionally used to represent Peter. However, a ship on a box is less common, and it complements a display case that shows men’s fashions in the 18th century.

The New Testament is another source of tobacco boxes wholesale. They are often decorated with scenes from the New Testament, and they depict the apostles in their characteristic attributes. For example, the Apostle Matthew is represented with an angel, which attests to his status as the first author of the gospel. The apostle Peter is represented with a key, but a ship is a less commonly-used symbol. The ship represents Peter, and is described in the Old Testament as the story of his meeting Jesus.

A brass tobacco box with an acanthus leaf motif is a common example of the Old Testament. The base and lid of the box show scenes of Samson’s life. These depictions are framed by symmetrical acanthus and putti figures. The symbols of the New Testament are not limited to cigarette boxes. In fact, the design of the two types of tobacco boxes may be the same. They are different but the same, but they all share a common element.

Historically, tobacco boxes have been used for a very long time. They were used as a means of carrying and storing tobacco. While they were intended for daily use, they have also served as a fashion statement. During the Dutch Golden Age, tobacco boxes were used to make people feel good about themselves and their world. They were often depicted as vanitas or allegories of transience. While this may sound odd, tobacco boxes have long been an essential part of life.

Tobacco boxes are often made of copper or brass. The lid and base of a copper tobacco box depict scenes from the life of the apostle Samson. The engraved dates on the box’s base and lid attest to Samson as the first author of the gospel. Tobacco boxes also are used to show the sailor’s work. They often have no maker’s mark or initials, which makes them unique.

The Dutch tobacco boxes did not have a name or a known engraver. Hence, it is impossible to identify the engraver or manufacturer. Despite the fact that tobacco boxes were made in the Netherlands, many of the engravers and manufacturers remained anonymous. There is no definitive information about the origin of the engravers and manufacturers of these boxes, but many of the designs are still attractive and valuable.


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