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Do you want to go above and beyond? Make your company a lean, green sales machine by using unique packaging built from environmentally friendly materials and providing memorable experiences for your customers. Boost packagings is a prominent online provider of packaging materials. Our objective is to constantly provide the most creative packaging and associated products to our customers at the lowest possible price.

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Our Online Procedure With 24/7 Customer Service Provides you a Convenient way to help Process your Order Faster and more Reliable.
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Boost packagings want to collaborate with you to ensure you receive exactly what you desire. If you require additional personalization on your item or something that differs from what is available online, we can work with you to provide a solution that meets your needs. We are delighted to listen to your requirements and collaborate with you to find the best packaging option for you. Boost packagings pride us on producing products which are both top quality & environmentally responsible. Our cardboard boxes, wrapping, cushioning, and packaging accessories are created from recycled materials whenever possible. Most of our items are biodegradable, and the majority of them may be reused and recycled, reducing waste.

Residential and Business Destinations

Our Packaging Distribution Centre is behind the word mountains, far from the countries vokalia and consonantia, and has many product lines, and we deliver to both residential and business destinations. Your order will be packed & dispatched the same day if you place it before. Packaging has traditionally been deemed the more convenient alternative than the more environmentally friendly one. To address this, we created a line of recyclable flexible boost packaging. We’ve listened to your customers and comprehended their problems. Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to supply recyclable packaging for all products, but switching to recyclable packaging is not always easy.

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Anna Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard lead time is 8 to 10 business days after the final approval on specification sheets we send prior to printing.
Yes we do offer rush service plan with 6 or 8 business days with a small fee.
Normally we do work on digital proof with flat and 3d view for the approval so that makes all clear what exactly the box will look alike after printing and assembling. Also for bulk orders we send a physical sample with small sampling fee to make sure everything should be printed as per customer requirements.
We have a special program for resellers/whole sellers and graphic designers which include special discounts.
Yes we are entertaining thousands of customers in UK, Australia, Canada and USA. We do offer free shipping within USA.
We do accept, Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, Check, Or paypal.
All Boxes are shipped flat and pre-assembled (Glued).
We have a skilled labor force and highly advanced offset, digital and screen process available in-house.
We require psd, pdf, ai, format with min of 300dpi file for printing.
There is no Big deal in customizing the complete box with your own design file. We do have a design team available with us who can work efficiently to layout the artwork and can work on your design absolutely Free of cost. Ordering custom printed boxes is just a single click distance now !

You can process your order in easy 4 steps.

  • Submit your quote request
  • Upload your artwork or email us
  • Approval of digital proof
  • Once the payment is confirmed your order will be transferred to production

Comprehensive Labels and Flexible Boost Packaging

We’re here to assist you. Boost packaging will need some information to get started before identifying the best solution for you. We are a leading provider of comprehensive labels and flexible boost packaging solutions for smaller and medium runs. Innovative solutions, adaptable adaptability, outstanding service, and the usage of cutting-edge technology are just a few of our competitive advantages. External impacts are protected by packaging. However, some products require more excellent protection than conventional plastic can provide. There are several possibilities for including specific polymers and coatings with such a barrier effect into the packaging in those circumstances. These additives have almost no impact on the packaging’s recyclability.

Unique Packaging

Do you require Boost packaging or custom-designed? Boost packaging can provide unique packaging solutions to meet your needs. Using a more natural, eco-friendly approach to packing has numerous advantages. You’ll not only be helping to protect the environment, but you’ll also be marketing yourself as an environmentally responsible company. Choosing high-quality, recycled, and recyclable packaging benefits the environment while saving money on unnecessary packaging costs; what are you waiting for? Explore our selection of paper-based void fill to cover the gaps between our postal boxes and shipping boxes produced from responsibly sourced materials.

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