How to Design Stunning Boxes For Your Makeup Items?

Printed cosmetic boxes come in all shapes and sizes and don’t have to conform to corporate designs. They can be as bold and colorful as the client desires, inspiring new customers to try your products. Colors and materials have a profound impact on the way customers see your cosmetics, which means that a beautiful design will encourage sales and brand loyalty. Here are some tips for designing a stunning box:

Custom printed cosmetic boxes

When you order custom printed cosmetic boxes, you will have a wide range of options. Choose between smooth and glossy cardstock for the utmost in luxury and eco-friendliness. You can also choose to include a label for an added touch. A paperboard box can serve multiple purposes, including protection for your Cosmetic products. It is also a great way to display your brand logo and marketing messages. The inside of a custom box can be customized, depending on the type of cosmetics you’re selling.

The packaging of your cosmetics is a key component of its success. A custom box displays the care and attention you put into your products, and this will boost customer confidence. Additionally, a high-quality box also provides protection during shipment. As an added bonus, it serves as a beautiful marketing tool, helping you raise brand awareness on social media. A quality custom box is a great investment for any beauty business. To help you create an eye-catching box, consider the size and shape of your products.

Custom debossing

Cosmetic boxes wholesale are highly customizable. They are made to meet the specific needs of the product category. Custom debossing adds a touch of glamor to the product. With the burgeoning popularity of high-gloss luxury items, the packaging of these products has to be attractive and distinctive. Packaging is essential for attracting patronage and increasing sales. A cosmetic box with logo and foiling is irreplaceable.

Besides the imprinted design, cosmetic packaging also come with a number of add-on options. Aside from debossing, foiling and embossing, cosmetic boxes can be finished with a UV spot that protects the products from light and oxygen. It will prevent any possible damage to the contents inside. After the printing process, the boxes will be stored at a lower temperature.

3D online design tool

When it comes to packaging, there’s nothing quite like custom cosmetic boxes. They can be created quickly and easily, and you can get a 3D virtual view of your creation. Once you’ve made your choice of color scheme and type, the next step is to decide whether to use recyclable corrugated cardboard or thick cardstock for the box. A 14 pt. cardstock base is both light and sturdy.

The toolkit by Graphic Systems Group allows you to easily turn 2D concept drawings into stunning 3D images, with a realistic distortion of shrink sleeves. The toolkit can also be used for consumer focus groups, early marketing collateral, and instructions for retail employees. Its advanced capabilities let you create a virtual counter space with a 3D view. In addition to that, the tool is quick to use, and it supports video tags.


When it comes to packaging a cosmetic product, nothing beats the old-fashioned cardboard cosmetic box. Not only do they look great, but they’re also safe and easy to carry. The first thing that girls notice when buying a new cosmetic product is the packaging. Using an attractive box, such as a pink polka-dot-print box, can help attract customers. And since 80% of all cosmetic purchases are made based on packaging, it’s essential that the packaging is attractive.

If you want to go for a more luxurious look, you can opt for glossy cardstock or 24 pt. cardstock. These two options come in many different colors and textures and can be printed with a variety of inks. Glossy cardstock is best for luxury brands and matte cardstock will highlight your product’s vibrant colors. If you want to stay more natural and organic, consider using rustic Kraft cardstock.


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