How to Choose a Shadow Box Display Case

How to Choose a Shadow Box Display Case

Whether you’re looking to commemorate a sentimental object or display an elegant thematic arrangement, a professional-grade shadow box can help you get the job done right. Museum-quality wall-mounted display cases can help you protect personal objects, preserve their historical value, and cement the creators’ legacy. Read on to learn how to choose the best display case for your needs. Here are a few options to consider:

Wood shadow box display case

Whether you want to show off a large or small object, a wood shadow box display case is a perfect choice. These displays can hold objects that rest upright or are rested on interior backer boards. They can be purchased with either a white or black interior. You can even customize the colors of the interior and exterior. You can add a variety of features to your shadow box display case, from interior LED lights to fabric-covered cork.

A shadow box display case is a beautiful way to display small collections, such as memorabilia or school pictures. These boxes can be stacked or boxed to keep fragile pieces protected. You can even divide a shadow box into separate sections to store smaller collections. You can display everything from movie tickets to movie stubs within one box. If you have a limited budget, you can purchase multiple shadow boxes and stack them for an even bigger display.

A 16×32 shadow box with corkboard backing and removable linen display backboard is an ideal choice for an Eagle Scout. It can hold most flag sizes, Merit Badge Sashes and Arrows, and patches. It also features saw tooth hangers for easy mounting to a wall or a table. If you’d like to show off a more intimate collection, a smaller shadow box display with a vintage French book page, a photo of mountains, or a miniature of a toy train would make a beautiful addition.

Walnut swing open shadow box display case

A Walnut swing open shadow box display case is a wonderful way to protect your favorite antiques or sports memorabilia. Available in many sizes, they are the perfect way to preserve your treasured possessions. In addition, you can choose any backdrop felt color you would like, as well. For the ultimate in style, you can even add a frame for added decoration. For a classic look, you can also select an optional glass.

The oak frame shadow box display is available in three wood frame finishes and a contemporary custom oak wood picture frame profile. These wall displays are also available with break-resistant clear plexiglass windows. The beveled matboard complements the oak wood front door profile and lends a classic picture frame look to the wall display case. In addition to the elegant picture frame style, these wall-mount shadow box display cases come in a variety of depths and styles.

The customized military branch flag case

If you’d like to showcase a flag from your military branch in a beautiful and memorable way, you may want to invest in a custom Flag Display Case. These cases are made from solid wood and do not contain cheap MDF materials. They feature beveled glass and decorative triangle molding for a striking display. Available in oak, cherry, and black finishes, these cases feature a front and rear opening area for easy access to your flag. Some come with a matching pedestal or stand. They feature a magnetic clasp and are made in the USA.

The most complex cases can include military insignias, such as the Bronze Star with V for Valor, distinctive unit insignia, and other awards. These cases can be designed with hinged backs, which make them convenient to hang on mantels or shelves. Many are even custom-made with photos and other personal memorabilia, including medals and nicknames. The best way to customize a Flag Display Case is to think outside the box!

Regardless of the size of your flag, you can create a beautiful display case with this custom flag case. Choose from a cherry composite wood display case that can be displayed on a tabletop or mantle, or a framed flag case that you can hang on a wall. Made in the USA with local materials, this case fits a 9.5′ x five’ flag perfectly. Its unique shape also provides a unique way to show off your branch’s colors and symbols.

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