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Custom Ballot Boxes – Paperboard and Corrugated

Whether you’re planning on printing on your ballot box’s front or back, you’ll need to find a sturdy material. Fortunately, ballot box packaging is now available in a variety of materials and can be customized by die-cutting, scoring, and gluing. Printed with digital, screen, or offset techniques, these ballot boxes can be customized to meet your branding requirements. PMS and CMYK color configurations are available. Innovative lamination and finishes are also available.

Corrugated material

Custom ballot boxes can be made of corrugated material for strength and durability. Depending on the material you choose, these boxes can be adorned with headers that will draw attention to the contents. Headers can also be used to hold information like business cards, or other documents. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t detract from the use of the ballot box. Some ballot boxes don’t have headers, and are better suited for areas without other distractions.

For trade shows, cardboard ballot boxes are perfect for collecting information. Floor-standing models are ideal for insertion of forms at the top. They are also inexpensive and portable, making them an excellent choice for moving from venue to venue. Trade show booths are often crowded and require quick, efficient storage solutions. For example, you can create a suggestion box to collect names and contact information of attendees or entries in a contest.


When it comes to custom ballot boxes, paperboard, and corrugated materials are popular choices. You can customize a ballot box’s height, header, and bottom. It’s also possible to choose between a standard size or a large, tall one. With the right thickness, a custom ballot box is durable and attractive. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect ballot box. Here are the benefits of custom ballot boxes:

Using custom ballot box packaging allows you to reach a much wider audience. These custom ballot boxes can be cut to any size, die-cut, and scored, and are also glued. They can be printed with CMYK or PMS color configurations, and feature innovative lamination and finishes. You can even add a message to the box by placing it on a stand or a table. This way, you can easily grab the attention of passersby.


There are two types of acrylic custom ballot boxes available: the standard one and the customized one. These boxes can be customized with your logo or printing numbers. In addition to this, they are also available in a variety of sizes, so you can use them for any type of election. For more information on custom ballot boxes, read on. This article will provide a brief introduction to custom acrylic ballot boxes. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you as you make your decision.

The first type of custom ballot boxes is donation boxes and suggestion boxes. They are used for collecting small forms of paper that are then mailed in. They are usually colored and intended to hide the information. A donation box, on the other hand, is used for collecting money. The information that you collect from these boxes can help you improve your goods and services. That’s why businesses have realized the value of customer feedback and developed custom ballot boxes to collect it.


When it comes to ballot box printing, a temporary custom option can save your organization a lot of money. Since you will not be paying for die-cutting, plate costs, and set-up, the cost of the custom ballot box printing will be a lot lower than other options. Additionally, you will have premium quality materials and sturdiness, as well as the right thickness. It can be quite difficult to find custom ballot boxes for such a low cost.

The temporary custom ballot boxes are a cost-effective way to ensure that the election process goes smoothly. These square-shaped boxes have a slot on the top for precision cutting. Because they are a multifunctional option, they are great for holding ballot papers of any size. A reliable source for custom ballot boxes is Custom Packaging. Not only do they offer great quality for a reasonable price, but you’ll be able to order the boxes you need well in advance of an election.


A lockable ballot box with a clear acrylic construction is a durable, cost-effective solution for a variety of purposes. Not only is it the perfect storage solution for ballots and donations, but it can also serve as a donation box for other purposes. Because it can be locked, the contents remain secure even when it is opened. Its small footprint also makes it ideal for countertop use, and the locking mechanism prevents any unauthorized entry.

Floor-standing ballot boxes are a great choice for lobby-like areas. They increase participation in-store giveaways and are highly visible while allowing for ease of transport to events. The locking mechanism is easy to use, and it does not require a special lock. These are available with or without sign holders and multimedia screens. Because they are portable, they can be taken to events, such as parades or concerts. A locked custom ballot box is a useful tool to promote your brand or cause.

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