Buying Shadow Boxes Display Cases

Buying Shadow Boxes Display Cases

Shadow boxes are a popular way to show off your favorite memorabilia and can cost anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. These cases are generally inexpensive, and are purchased for several reasons: to preserve memorabilia for future generations, to display items for family members, or simply to enjoy looking at them. You can even purchase a military uniform display case if you want to show off your entire uniform! Just be sure to research the types of wood finishes and sizes that are available.

Large shadow box display cases

You can choose from over 25 standard large sizes for your shadow box display cases. Most are available in a wood or metal frame. Some of the more popular sizes are 3′ x 4′ and 22″ x 28″.

Custom shadow box frames

If you want to highlight your collection or tell a story about your home, custom shadow box frames are the perfect choice. These specialized frames can be constructed from wood or metal, and you can choose your frame color, matting, and more! Once you’ve decided on your frame, you can start putting your items into the case! If you don’t have time to create a custom shadow box, you can purchase a ready-made one or commission a custom frame maker to help you out.

Sizes of swing-open shadow box frame frames

The sizes of swing-open shadow box frame frames for displays will depend on the items they will be used for. They come in several different materials, from smooth and shiny MDF to wood and metal. Some are even lockable, securing the items inside. These picture frames are typically designed to be wall-mounted, but some have a tabletop base for added storage. Whether you choose to place the frames horizontally or vertically will determine the display case’s overall dimensions.

Wood finishes of swing-open shadow box frame frames

Swing-open shadow box frame frames can be recessed or surface mounted. Before you mount a swing-open shadow box, make sure there is sufficient clearance on all sides for the door to swing open and close properly. For added security, consider purchasing a locking shadow box. These are available in custom sizes for securing your precious keepsakes. Wood finishes of swing-open shadow box frame frames vary.

Styles of wood shadow box frame frames

Wood shadow box frame display cases are available in a wide variety of styles. A standard wood shadow box features a bold 3-step profile and is available in nine stained wood finishes. Interior cabinetry is available in white or black. A swing-open style is available in popular standard sizes and is also available in deep shadow box styles. A wood shadow box also offers a back that can be made from a sheet of plywood, cork board, or thick cardboard.

Lighting for shadow box frame frames

Various lighting options are available for shadow box display cases. Some options, such as LED light strips, shine downward to draw attention to the items within. Others use T4 fluorescent bulbs that shine around the perimeter for brighter illumination. These options are both energy-efficient and long-lasting. A licensed electrician can install these lights to conceal any unsightly wires. They also allow you to change out bulbs as needed. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing lighting options for your shadow box display case.

Cost of shadow box frame frames

Shadow box frame prices vary considerably. They range from $15 – $25 per piece and can reach $100s, especially when you purchase them together with artwork. They are typically made of wood with acrylic paint and can hold objects up to four inches thick. They can also weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. You can also find more expensive styles that are made of tempered glass. When shopping for a shadow box, consider the material and the size of the artwork before making a purchase.

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