Why Art Deco, Victorian, and Antique Boxes Are Ideal For Cigrrate Boxes?

If you are looking for a collector’s item, tobacco boxes are a great way to get it. There are many different styles of tobacco boxes to choose from, including Art Deco, Victorian, and Art Nouveau. Each of these styles has its own unique appeal, so it is important to find one that matches your personal style. You can browse 1stDibs’s wide selection of vintage and antique tobacco boxes. They range in age and date from the 18th century to the 20th century. Art Deco-style tobacco boxes are particularly sought after. Famous Art Deco designers, such as Boost Packagings, Cartier, Asprey International Limited, and Louis Kuppenheim, also created beautiful tobacco boxes.

Art Deco

Art Deco tobacco boxes feature a central divider that is adjustable to accommodate different cigarette and cigar sizes. The hinged lid can be removed or closed and is complemented by an ornamental ring. This style of box was popular in the early 20th century, and is also available in modern styles.

A classic example of an Art Deco cigarette box can be found at a Tiffany & Co. store. This silver cigarette box is rectangular in shape and features rounded corners and a lattice pattern. The lid closes with a shaped handle. The box has a single compartment and is inscribed with the name of the company’s founder. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it is also functional, storing a pack of cigarettes.


If you are looking for an antique Victorian tobacco packaging box, then you’ve come to the right place. Antique Victorian tobacco boxes are a great way to add a period touch to your home. These classic boxes were a favorite among Victorians and remain popular to this day. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also an excellent investment for a Victorian home. Here are a few examples of some of the most stunning Victorian tobacco boxes.

The Victorian style of tobacco box design was much more elaborate than its American counterparts. This style featured stepped sterling panels and stylish handles. These cigarette boxes were often made of wood or silver. They date back to the eighteenth century, and they may feature a particular designer or artist. Some of the most famous names include Louis Kuppenheim, Asprey International Limited, and Cartier. Victorian tobacco boxes are not as common as the Art Deco designs, but they are still beautiful.

Another classic example of a Victorian tobacco packaging box is the Bible Century Box, a shoe snuff box made in the 18th century. It features fine patina and inlaid brass. It also features a heavy-duty kick plate and guidance tabs. Victorian soft packs are an excellent choice for a Victorian home, or any antique or vintage piece. You can find several antique Victorian tobacco boxes on eBay. You can also find a variety of vintage Victorian tobacco boxes at antique shops, antique stores, and auction sites.

There were a variety of shapes and materials used to make snuff-boxes. They came in a variety of shapes and were most often round or oval, although rectangular snuff boxes were also common. The best ones had a tightly fitting lid. Many snuff-boxes were made of silver and papier-mache, as metal conducts heat and snuff can be destroyed overnight on a fireplace mantel.

Art Nouveau

Fine brass makes up the interior of this Art Nouveau tobacco box. On the center lid of the box is a superimposed mountain cock. On the side lids are chased ducks and a fox. The box is in good condition, though wear is evident. It was produced between 1870 and 1908, so the original finish will not be completely gone. However, the box still has some wear, which is normal with this type of item.

Some examples of Art Nouveau tobacco boxes are quite elaborate. Tiffany & Co. crafted an attractive rectangular box, with rounded corners and lattice patterning. The box is rectangular in shape, with one compartment and a filterless cigarette compartment. The box is signed by Tiffany & Co. in Washington, D.C., and is a treasure for collectors. It is made of silver, and weighs approximately 58 grams.

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