Is it Cheaper to Print Your Own Labels and Boxes?

You’ve probably heard a lot of different reasons for choosing to print your own boxes. These might be bath bomb boxes or any other packaging. You might be wondering whether it is cheaper to print your own labels and boxes. The answer is, in some cases, yes. There are a few things to keep in mind when comparing the costs of printing your own labels and boxes.

Are Custom Printed Boxes Cheaper?

Smart box printing companies, like Boost Packagings, use a combination of high-tech printing, digital printing, and offset printing to create attractive, high-quality boxes. They strive to approve successful marketing campaigns and are committed to customer satisfaction. Their products are highly appealing and are created using the latest in printing technology and premium inks.

Custom Boxes Are Not Expensive

Custom printed boxes are not as expensive as you may think. However, you must make sure you buy the right size for your product and avoid going overboard with the size. A larger box will cost more to ship. For this reason, it is better to choose standard corrugated box sizes over custom boxes. Most box manufacturers will only stock standard sizes, so you will have to request a quote from them.

Personalized Boxes Increase Brand Recognition

Custom printed boxes can help your business stand out from the competition and increase brand recognition. Your customers will see the packaging, which can lead to additional sales. It can also be noticed by the mail room in your apartment complex, which helps establish brand awareness. In addition to customers, custom printed boxes can be seen by the delivery person.

Custom printed boxes are a great way to create a custom brand identity and a memorable brand image. If you need a custom design, you can use a graphic design program to design the box for printing. Once you’ve made the design, you can select a printing company and pick the type of box. Then, you can choose the size, style, and quantity you need.

Custom printed boxes are more expensive than custom-designed boxes. However, you may save money when you choose recycled boxes. They are also environmentally friendly and cost less to produce. Moreover, these boxes are easier to recycle, which is a good thing for your business. These boxes will also be cheaper if you order them in bulk.

If you don’t need a lot of boxes, you can opt for the cheaper custom-printed boxes. There are plenty of options to choose from, including kraft boxes and white boxes. And if you want to try out different color combinations, you can go with different paper finishes and gloss levels.

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Flexographic Printing

If you are looking for a better alternative to making boxes yourself, consider using flexographic printing. This process uses a printing plate made from a flexible photopolymer. The plate spins on a rotatory drum and picks up the ink, transferring it to the cardboard. There are many benefits to flexographic printing.

Flexography requires minimal human labor and uses cheap, long-lasting printing plates. Plus, it’s less expensive to own and operate than other printing processes. This means you can pass the savings on to your customers. The printing plates can last for millions of impressions. The costs for tooling, ink and paper are lower with flexography.

However, if you want to add color to the exterior of your box, you may not save much money by doing so yourself. Because flexographic printing uses different print plates, it’s usually less expensive than printing color pictures. The cost of adding a third color will depend on the complexity of the plate and the size of the image. When you print inside and out, you may need two separate plates.

Flexographic printing is a flexible process that produces high-quality prints on many different types of materials. It’s considered the modern equivalent of letterpress printing and can withstand mass volumes of packaging. Moreover, it’s compatible with a variety of surfaces, including corrugated cardboard.

Another advantage of flexographic printing is that you can save money by having only one color printed on each box. This method is cheaper than making your own boxes and requires minimal ink. In addition, you can save time because you can cut the board and print it all in one pass.

The cost of flexographic printing is lower than making your own boxes and you can make a wider variety of designs with this process. However, it is not ideal for high-resolution images and works best with simpler designs. If you are looking for a quick turnaround and low costs, you should choose flexographic printing. This method is cost-effective and flexible, making it ideal for large quantities.

Flexo printing is also cheaper than lithography. However, lithography requires the highest quantities to be cost-effective. It is also a better option for low-volume production.

Litho label printing is cheaper

Litho label printing is an excellent option if you want to add a personalized touch to your boxes. The process is inexpensive because the label print directly onto the box. Lithography is an offset printing technique that uses colored printing plates mounted on a cylinder. Ink is transferred to the surface of the plates using rollers. The images on the plates accept the ink, while the non-image areas repel it.

Litho printing is the best option for high-volume orders. In addition to producing high-quality images, this method can accommodate up to six colors. It is also more flexible than other printing processes and is good for vibrant, magazine-quality results. Litho printing is an excellent option for high-end products because of the versatility of its materials and high resolution.

The cost of litho labels is higher than digital printing, but you’ll enjoy a more professional-looking finish. However, digital printing is much more affordable, and it is recommended for low-volume boxes. Although digital printing has surpassed litho printing, it remains the most cost-efficient option for smaller orders.

The process is also faster. The linerboard is either kraft-colored or solid-bleached. You can also get it coated. Also, you can print on both sides. Choose between different materials for the box, including white, coated, or solid-bleached paperboard.

Litho label printing is more expensive than making your own boxes. But in the case of high-volume print runs, litho lam is cheaper and can produce retail-ready packaging on a large scale. If you need tens of thousands of identical impressions, you’re most likely to use litho lamination.


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